Strawberry Banana OG

The Strawberry Banana CUREjoint represents a delicious Indica-dominant hybrid cross between Banana OG and a Strawberry-leaning phenotype of Bubble Gum. A fruit-centric and full-bodied smoke, the strain creates buoyant effects that elevate personal creativity and heighten situational awareness. Indeed, this delicious hybrid is so sweet and fruity you will want to eat it! But the smoke is equally flavorsome with ripe sweet strawberries and a creamy smooth banana finish. A dessert strain for the head, the effects are both relaxing and euphoric.

A CUREjoint of Strawberry Banana provides a heavy-handed smoke that delivers all of the delicious flavor you’ve come to expect from a West Coast Cure product. The combined genetics found in this strain provide a sense of calm mental awareness and a noteworthy body high.