Live Rosin Cold Cure Badder

Starting with cannabis flower cultivated by award-winning Emerald Triangle farms, the fresh frozen material is pressed and extracted into ice water hash, free of any solvents. The ice water hash is then left to cold cure to a badder-like texture, preserving the whole-plant’s terpene and cannabinoid profile.


Live Rosin fresh Press

Live Rosin Fresh Press is a high-end form of solventless concentrate, just like our Live Rosin Cold Cure Badder. Extracted from fresh frozen cannabis flower at peak maturation, the ice water hash is then pressed under controlled conditions to form Fresh Press Rosin. The terpenes in our Live Rosin Fresh Press are locked in until you heat it to your ideal temperature.


Live Resin Diamonds

Our signature crystalized Diamonds are formed after being capped under 12-15 psi of pressure and 80 degrees for 12 weeks. Loaded with THCA, it offers the elevated dabbers the purest form of cannabis concentrate available on the market today.



Live Resin Sauce is popular given its strong aroma and flavor which delivers a different and more complex experience. Over a period of 4-6 weeks, THCa crystalline starts to crash while solvent is slowly removed. High Terpene Extract (HTE) from the same strain is then reintroduced to give it the aroma-packed smell when you pop the lid off the jar.


Live Resin Wet Badder

Live Resin Wet Badder by West Coast Cure is a single source, terpene-centric concentrate. Named after its oily texture and gassy nose, our live resin wet badder features an intense aromatic quality due to its unadulterated terp profile. Pungent, potent, and relaxing, these concentrates most often flash a wide range of “Amber” hues.



Our Live Resin extract is slowly and continuously whipped at 84 degrees until a cake badder consistency is reached. This process creates a uniform matrix between the terpenes and THC-rich crystalline that ultimately gives it the moist appearance. This consistency is a clean and easy format to dab with any smoking apparatus.



Live Resin Sugar is extracted from fresh frozen flower that is harvested at its peak. Loaded with cannabinoids and delicious terpenes, you will love the dryer consistency which makes it easy to dab straight up or add to a bowl of flower to enhance your high.