High-potency and highly effective, our WCC Cartridges offer a convenient way to unwind from the modern grind. With a variety of strains to choose from, you can conveniently blow off a little steam in more places where traditional smoking is not tolerated.

Rosin Live Resin Premium THC


WCC’s Disposable CUREbar is a great way to enjoy premium THC oil on the go! With its ceramic-core atomizer, premium dental-grade materials, and rechargeable battery – consumers will enjoy the same potent and terpy rush as they get from our 510 CUREpen carts.



Sleek, slim, and soft to the touch, our variable voltage batteries provide adjustable heat settings, making it a customized vaping experience. Compatible with all WCC Cartridges (sold separately), the rechargeable devices comes with one USB charger.

CUREpen Pro
2.2V – 3.8V
3.2v – 3.8v



How are your prices so low?

Because cannabis consumers deserve a fair priced, high quality cannabis vape. We streamlined our manufacturing process to produce our premium product cost-efficiently without compromising on quality.

Can anyone purchase cartridges directly from West Coast Cure?

No, we do not offer any direct to patient or customer sales of our products. All purchases of medicated or recreational items must be done through Licensed retailers in California. You can find an interactive map of all our partner retailer locations on the FIND page of our website.

I don’t see a new or specific flavor at my dispensary. How can I get a specific flavor?

Ask your favorite dispensary or delivery service to order the flavor that you want! They won’t know you’re looking for it if you don’t ask them.


What hardware are your cartridges made with?

West Coast Cure chooses to use high-end glass tanks with ceramic atomizers to preserve the integrity, flavor and potency of our product. While plastic tanks and cotton wicks may be more durable, we believe they are inferior materials that offer a subpar consumption experience.

Do you add anything other than Premium THC Oil and terpenes to your oil?

No, we do not use any fillers when creating our products. Our cartridges only contain cannabinoids and terpenes.

How long does the cartridge last?

That depends on your usage. You will know the cartridge is empty when the flavor runs out and there is no more vapor when you inhale.

What does variable voltage mean?

The amount of heat used determines the flavor and thickness of the vapor. A variable voltage battery allows you to control your preferred temperature and ultimately control your vaping experience. If you are new to vaping, it’s recommended to start on the lowest available voltage for a smooth and flavorful experience. 

Low or High, we encourage you to experiment with different settings to personalize your experience with our various concentrates.


How do I use my WCC Cartridge and Battery?

The cartridge + battery combination is button activated. Secure a WCC Cartridge (sold separately) into the battery. Click the circular power button five times in two seconds to turn the battery on/off. Adjust voltage by turning the bottom screw control between 2.2V-3.8V for the CUREpen Pro Battery and 3.2V-3.8V for the CUREpen Battery. LED light blinks fifteen times to notify consumers of low battery. You will know that it’s working when the light on the button of the battery is illuminated and you inhale the vapor.

I’m having trouble charging my battery.

The first thing you’ll want to confirm is that you are using a WCC Cartridge with your WCC Cartridge battery. You’ll also want to confirm that it is, in fact, the battery that is not working, versus a cartridge that is not working. You can test the battery to see if it works by inhaling through the open end of the battery unit. If the light illuminates, the battery is operational.

My WCC cartridge seems clogged. What can I do?

A few troubleshooting options for a clogged cartridge:

  • You can try to clean the “contact” or the connection point where the cartridge meets the battery. We recommend using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.
  • Warm the cartridge in a closed fist to loosen any potential clogs in the screw terminal.
  • Blow through the screw terminal to loosen any potential clogs in the cartridges.