West Coast Cure has consistently introduced high quality concentrates and flavorful strains with an award winning heritage. Connoisseurs trust our products which are skillfully crafted for consistency and flavor, making us one of the most trusted brands they purchase over and over again.


The making of our Live Rosin Diamonds is a two-part process. The first part being a time-intensive one where we put rosin through a period of low heat and pressure to create solventless diamonds. We then combine the diamonds with a rich solventless terpene sauce that is derived from our rosin to create this pure, potent and terpy product.


Live Rosin fresh Press

After the mixture of fresh frozen flower and ice water is washed and separated through a series of bags of various micron sizes, the best hash of the batch is collected and pressed under controlled conditions to form Fresh Press Rosin. This terpene-rich product is ready to punch you with flavor and aroma when heated to the desired temperature.


Live Rosin Cold Cure Badder

After whipping our award-winning Live Rosin Fresh Press from the Emerald Triangle, this solventless concentrate is set to cure under controlled temperature until it reaches a cake badder like consistency. The whipping of the rosin helps with the stability of the product, extending its shelf life by locking in the whole plant’s terpene and cannabinoid profile. The slightly firmer texture makes it an easy format to dab with any smoking apparatus.


Live Resin Diamonds

Our signature crystalized Diamonds are formed after being capped under 12-15 psi of pressure at 80 degrees for 12 weeks. Loaded with THCa, our Live Resin Diamonds provide the experienced consumer one of the purest forms of consumption available.



Live Resin Sauce is popular given its strong aroma and flavor which delivers a different and more complex experience. Over a period of 4-6 weeks, THCa crystalline starts to crash while solvent is slowly removed. High Terpene Extract (HTE) from the same strain is then reintroduced to give it the aroma-packed smell when you pop the lid off the jar.


Live Resin Wet Badder

Live Resin Wet Badder by West Coast Cure is a single source, terpene-centric concentrate. Named after its oily texture and gassy nose, our live resin wet badder features an intense aromatic quality due to its unadulterated terp profile. Pungent, potent, and relaxing, these concentrates most often flash a wide range of amber hues.



Our Live Resin extract is slowly and continuously whipped at 84 degrees until a cake badder consistency is reached. This process creates a uniform matrix between the terpenes and THC-rich crystalline that ultimately gives it the moist appearance. This consistency is a clean and easy format to dab with any smoking apparatus.



Live Resin Sugar is extracted from fresh frozen flower that is harvested at its peak. Loaded with cannabinoids and delicious terpenes, you will love the dryer consistency which makes it easy to dab straight up or add to a bowl of flower to enhance your high.



Our Top Shelf Indoor Flower is known for its elevated THC content and high-end cannabis buds. Our flower is harvested at peak maturation, cured to perfection, and delicately handled to retain their valuable terpenes and flavors. Always fragrant and powerful, WCC’s Top Shelf Indoor Flower is sealed in a glass jar to keep its freshness, while providing you the viewing pleasure.

Headstash 3.5 GRAMS 7 GRAMS


West Coast Cure’s Premium Flowers are cultivated in boutique batches from California’s best cultivators. Grown in various environments, these terpene-rich flowers are available in resealable 3.5g, 14g, and 28g mylar packages. This product line is for the daily connoisseur and the baller on a budget looking for high-quality value.

3.5 Grams 14 Grams 28 Grams


West Coast Cure’s Top Shelf Joints are crafted from freshly cured flowers grown indoor in boutique batches by some of California’s best cultivators. No trim, no shake, the buds used for these joints are terpene-rich and highly potent. Available as Singles, Variety Packs, and Minis, WCC’s Top Shelf Joints are the perfect companion for any occasion.



Crafted with high quality premium flower, WCC’s Premium Flower Joints are designed to deliver a pleasurable and consistent smoking experience for the daily smokers. Available in a variety of popular strains and unique blends, the WCC Premium Joints is the perfect option for the baller on a budget looking for high-quality value.

MNIS 10 x .35G


High-potency and highly effective, our WCC Cartridges offer a convenient way to unwind from the modern grind. With a variety of strains to choose from, you can conveniently blow off a little steam in more places where traditional smoking is not tolerated.

Rosin Live Resin Premium THC


WCC’s Disposable CUREbar is a great way to enjoy premium THC oil on the go! With its ceramic-core atomizer, premium dental-grade materials, and rechargeable battery – consumers will enjoy the same potent and terpy rush as they get from our 510 CUREpen carts.



Sleek, slim, and soft to the touch, our variable voltage batteries provide adjustable heat settings, making it a customized vaping experience. Compatible with all WCC Cartridges (sold separately), the rechargeable devices comes with one USB charger.

CUREpen Pro
2.2V – 3.8V
3.2v – 3.8v


West Coast Cure’s Jefferey Single is a 1.2-gram infused joint rolled with WCC’s whole nug flower, THCa diamonds, kief from our Top Shelf flower, and subtly enhanced with all-natural terpenes. No old flower, trim, or shake, WCC grinds green and frosty flower in-house in small batches to optimize the freshness of starting material. Supercharged with diamonds you can see and high-end kief, Jefferey is ready to have your taste buds tantalized.

1 X 1.2 GRAM


The Jefferey 5-pack contains five deliciously strong .65g infused joints perfect for that solo session or sharing with your mates. No old flower. No trim. No shake. Crafted from WCC’s top-shelf products, Jefferey packs a punch with its frosty multi-hued flowers, THCa diamonds, Top Shelf kief, and all-natural terpenes. When life hands you a Jefferey, hit it. Cuz this bloke smacks!

5 X .65 GRAMS

Nite Caps Solventless Gummies

Nite Caps Solventless CBN Gummies contain an effective 2:1 of THC and CBN cannabinoids that are intended to help provide a natural sense of stress relief and relaxation. Made with a dual-action THC / CBN entourage effect, they were formulated with the goal of promoting stress reduction and a restful state of sleep.


Flavored Solventless Gummies

WCC’s Flavored Solventless Gummies are made with food-grade live ice water Hash and enhanced with delicious natural flavors to offer a smoke-free on-the-go option for consuming. These whole-plant and full-spectrum water Hash gummies will give you a clean and holistic experience that distillate gummies may not deliver. Enjoy these vegan-friendly, all-natural treats that give you a better vibe with every bite.