Dosi Latte Live Rosin Diamonds are a craft concentrate that expresses sweet notes of vanilla and citrus. Created with solventless THCa crystalline and sauce, Dosi Latte produces a clean and terpy palate. Extracted from a sun-grown phenotype of the Dosidos strain, its effects deliver a rush of cerebral bliss that progresses into a full-melt body high.

Dosi Latte

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Garlic Cookie Live Rosin Diamonds are mined from a stellar phenotype of the GSC x Chemdawg cultivars. Sourced from Northern California’s Emerald Queen Farms, and extracted from a four-time award winning pheno, these live rosin diamonds are fully solventless, available in limited-release quantities, and smack of pungent terpenes. Creating a superb and tangy dab with a garlic and gas exhale, the high from these natural diamonds foster a relaxing and luxurious mindset.

Garlic Cookies

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Grapes N Cream Live Rosin Diamonds

Grapes N Cream Live Rosin Diamonds unveils the opulent world where luxury meets potency. Skillfully crafted, these exceptional extracts offer an enthralling symphony of sweet and creamy flavors. Elevate your senses and your experience with Grapes N Cream Live Rosin Diamonds, a true embodiment of sophistication in the world of concentrates.

Grapes N Cream

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Hella Jelly Live Rosin Diamonds are craft crystalline mined from a sun-grown phenotype of Very Cherry x Notorious THC. Named for its robust berry-n-cherry zest and dynamic effects, Hella Jelly makes the perfect choice for the seasoned consumer looking for an energetic and creative extract. A saucy dab with a terpy palate of fruit and cotton candy, Hella Jelly’s vibrant flavor profile and energized effect shines through.

Hella Jelly

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Honey Bananas Live Rosin Diamonds

Honey Bananas Live Rosin Diamonds are a luscious cross of the Honey Boo Boo x Strawberry Banana cultivars. A craft extract, these solventless live rosin diamonds offer an unparalleled dabbing experience. Delight your senses with sweet, tropical notes that dance on your palate, while its fresh terps and heady cannabinoids instills a smooth and euphoric high. Elevate your dab game and savor the rich essence of Honey Bananas Live Rosin Diamonds. A true connoisseur’s delight.

Honey Bananas

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Key Lime Pie Live Rosin Diamonds

WCC’s Key Lime Pie Live Rosin Diamonds are a vibe-shift extract crafted from a zesty Hybrid phenotype of Girl Scout Cookie. A velvety dab of delectable baked goods, its flavor ends with an animated exhale of creamy mint and menthol. The flavor and effect of these invigorating whole-plant live rosin diamonds create a harmonious dance of flavors that elevate your mindset and allow creativity to flow.

Key Lime Pie

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Lemon Limez Live Rosin Diamonds

Lemon Limez Live Rosin Diamonds smacks the head and senses with its vibrant citrus flavors and elevated effects. A mind blowing mix of THCA crystalline with a potent punch of high THC, these live rosin extracts preserve the plant’s aromatic terpenes for your dabbing pleasure. Loaded with a robust flavor profile, these shimmering gems are perfect for dabbing or adding a burst of citrusy goodness to your next joint.

Lemon Limez

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Papaya Live Rosin Diamonds offer a unique experience for enthusiasts of skillfully crafted concentrates. Extracted from a Jack Herer x Skunk #1 cross, and crafted by WCC’s artisan hash makers, these solventless live rosin diamonds produce a fruity nose with a tropical taste. Fashioned by heat, pressure, and time – Papaya’s overarching effect creates a laid-back headspace with a tropical vibe. 


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Queen Chem Live Rosin Diamonds

Queen Chem Live Rosin Diamonds are an exquisite Hybrid concentrate extracted from a Chemdawg phenotype. Cultivated by legacy growers and processed by WCC’s artisan hash makers, this live cold cure badder provides an aromatic dab and luxurious high. Delivering a heady Chem-D flavor of gas, pine, and earth, its elevated effects create a contemplative and relaxed mindset.

Queen Chem

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Rainbow Beltz Live Rosin Diamonds

Rainbow Beltz  Live Rosin Diamonds pops the palate and slaps the head with a terpy dab of gassy grapes, skunky grapefruit, and spiced cherries. Crafted from the Rainbow Beltz cultivar by WCC’s award-winning hash makers, the solventless Pot of Gold at the end of these live rosin diamonds is a fruity snap with creative effects.

Rainbow Beltz

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Sour Diesel Lime Live Rosin Diamonds are craft THCA crystalline mined from a sun-grown phenotype of the crossed Chemdawg x Super Skunk strains. An intoxicating mix of heady diamonds and solventless sauce, the mechanically-separated THCA diamonds express a sour citrus and diesel palate with priceless effects. A gas-centric dab that fuels your creative mindset, the effect produces a relaxed physical sensation and a pleasant headspace. 

Sour Diesel Lime

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Straw Goo Live Rosin Diamonds provide one of life’s most elevated experiences. Extracted and processed from a Strawberry x Afgoo cross, these live rosin diamonds produce a fruity nose, zesty flavor, and powerful effects. Uniquely euphoric, its full-melt body high starts with an intense cerebral buzz which quickly morphs into a calm and creative headspace.

Straw Goo

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Strawberry Jam Live Rosin Diamonds

Strawberry Jam Live Rosin Diamonds – indulge in its exquisite essence. Meticulously crafted from freshly harvested, handpicked flowers, these potent extracts boast unparalleled purity and flavor. Elevate your dabbing experience with the luscious sweetness of ripe strawberries, delivering an unforgettable, terpene-rich delight that will leave your head spinning and your taste buds satisfied.

Strawberry Jam

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Wakanda Live Rosin Diamonds are a solventless, terpene-rich mix of THCA crystals and sauce. Extracted from a cross of Nigerian Haze x Purple, Wakanda’s Live Rosin Diamonds creates a sweet and gassy flavor profile of earth, petrol, and funk. A powerful dab with euphoric effects, the high from these high-end diamonds creates a relaxed and revitalized mindset.


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