WCC’s Secret Sesh Goes Primal with new 510 CUREpen

West Coast Cure cultivated an ultra-exclusive Secret Sesh Friday, May 6, 2022, at Wisdome LA, with the Stoned Ape Crew, Roddy Ricch, and 10k. Caash.

“Smokin gas, West Coast Cure!”

No matter how you hit it, this private event was lit! Just after ‘10k’ took the stage and before Roddy Ricch threw down, JCURES started tossing branded t-shirts, CURE by WCC swag, and WCC’s new 510 CUREpen cartridges to the packed crowd.

A collaborative effort from SoCal’s agents of change, the Stoned Ape Crew/WCC pop-up Secret Sesh was a hybrid NFT event that featured live music, exclusive products, swag giveaways, infused food, and the chance to win some of CURE by WCC’s limited edition gear.

Down with the Crown

Welcomed by WCC’s 10’ inflatable Crown, more than 2,000 attendees enjoyed the hyperactive crypto vibe as another 4’ Crown lit up the main stage. While many VIP’s wandered the event, stopping at WCC’s free dab bar to sample some high-end extracts, others were focused on winning the new 510 CUREpen battery or limited edition CURE by swag.

In order to win, attendees who purchased one of WCC’s Secret Sesh bundles were allowed two attempts to win some of WCC’s highly valued merchandise from an on-site claw machine. Offering on-site sale of WCC’s Secret Sesh promos, consumers had eight exclusive value-packed bundles to choose from.

Taste. Try. Buy and Win.

At WCC’s free dab bar, event-goers had their choice of sampling six forms of West Coast Cure extracts: Pineapple Pound Cake Diamonds, Goji OG Live Resin Badder, Sour Lemon Live Resin Sugar, Grease Cookies Live Rosin Fresh Press, Alien Cookies LR Sauce, or Peach Rings Live Resin Badder.

We Have a Winner!

A busy night for attendees on WCC’s claw machine that purchased one of WCC’s Secret Sesh bundles, 20 people won the CURE by WCC Rolling Loud Duffel Bag; 24 won a Rolling Loud Messenger Bag; 10 won the PatchWork Messenger Bag; 89 took home WCC Crown T-shirts, and another 20 players won of the new 510 CUREpen Batteries.