Live Rosin DiamondS

100% Solventless

80%+ THC

1,000% Delicious

Made with Time, Effort, Love & Intention.
By Hash Lovers, For Hash Lovers.

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How are your prices so low?

Because cannabis consumers deserve a fair priced, high quality cannabis vape. We streamlined our manufacturing process to produce our premium product cost-efficiently without compromising on quality.

Can anyone purchase cartridges directly from West Coast Cure?

No, we do not offer any direct to patient or customer sales of our products. All purchases of medicated or recreational items must be done through Licensed retailers in California. You can find an interactive map of all our partner retailer locations on the FIND page of our website.

I don’t see a new or specific flavor at my dispensary. How can I get a specific flavor?

Ask your favorite dispensary or delivery service to order the flavor that you want! They won’t know you’re looking for it if you don’t ask them.