On Saturday, June 25 at 8 PM, West Coast Cure sponsored The Last Hoorah! for the current High Rise Mansion. Perched high above Beverly Hills, this was the final event held by the High Rise group at this breathtaking property! 

Elevated within the exclusive “Platinum Triangle” neighborhood, the VIP event had more than 300 attendees that enjoyed WCC’s well-stocked dab bar and joint rolling station, along with live DJ music, an open bar, fire dancers – and a rare night of summer festivities.  

Located at the end of a secluded cul-de-sac, the High-Rise Mansion has held over 150 events, allowing its guests an intimate and luxurious way to stargaze poolside while tasting some of California’s finest products. 

As the doors blew open at 8 PM, industry insiders and some of SoCal’s more noteworthy social media influencers were greeted with complimentary gift bags loaded with some of WCC’s newest and best products to help enhance the evening’s vibe. With JCURES in the house close to 10 PM, the crowd was showered with more treats such as WCC’s pre-roll joints and extracts. The highlight of the event was when JCURES fired up the torch and lit up a one-pounder made by Marty Grime and hotboxed the mansion with the hazy masses.

While our WCC dab bar was a must-have for a party like this, we also brought in a master roller for the night, @thegrasshoppa. In addition to twisting fat joints filled with our top-shelf indoor flowers such as Cosmic Cookies, Cleo, and Z’lato, Grasshoppa also created some beyond-the-ordinary art for consumption. From her signature ganja stuffed Yoda joint filled with a quarter-pound of weed to a blunt rolled with fresh rose petals, it was a night to remember. A remarkable night of 420-extravagance for many, party goers not only departed in a blissful state, but with their hands full of WCC products and gear.

This may have been ‘The Last Hoorah by High Rise Mansion,’ but West Coast Cure is just getting started. Stay tuned for more summertime events!