SoCal – if you love 21st-century hash, thank Frenchy!

“FRENCHY DREAMS OF HASHISH” ~ A love letter to the small cannabis farmers of the Emerald Triangle and to the great cannabis community.’ On Sunday, August 21, 2022, at UCLA’s James Bridge Memorial Theater, a new documentary film ‘Frenchy Dreams of Hashish,’ will be screened in support of the non-profit, Frenchy Cannoli Foundation. Proudly co-hosted SoCal – if you love 21st-century hash, thank Frenchy!


On Saturday, June 25 at 8 PM, West Coast Cure sponsored The Last Hoorah for the current High Rise Mansion. Perched high above Beverly Hills, this was the final event held by the High Rise group at this breathtaking property!  Elevated within the exclusive “Platinum Triangle” neighborhood, the VIP event had more than 300 attendees WCC x LAST HOORAH!


On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, West Coast Cure celebrated the special date by hosting ‘510 Day’ at Torch Rooftop Lounge. Located at 1630 San Pablo Ave in Oakland, CA, the event cultivated another memorable evening filled with great music, relaxed friends, and some of West Coast Cure’s latest 510 vape pen cartridges.   A curated night WCC HITS OAKLAND FOR ‘510 DAY’

West Coast Cure Hits Hippie Hill

West Coast Cure and Hippie Hill made Four-Twenty history on April 20, 2022. After two years of hiatus due to COVID compliance, 420 Hippie Hill 2022 came out smoking in Robin Williams Meadow in Golden Gate Park. The public event was noteworthy not only as a consumption-based gathering – but for allowing event-goers safe and West Coast Cure Hits Hippie Hill