Frenchy Dreams of Hashish

“FRENCHY DREAMS OF HASHISH” ~ A love letter to the small cannabis farmers of the Emerald Triangle and to the great cannabis community.’

On Sunday, August 21, 2022, at UCLA’s James Bridge Memorial Theater, a new documentary film ‘Frenchy Dreams of Hashish,’ will be screened in support of the non-profit, Frenchy Cannoli Foundation. Proudly co-hosted by West Coast Cure, the film highlights Frenchy’s unbridled passion for great sun-grown cannabis and top-shelf hash. And, more importantly, it emphasizes the value of supporting the ethos of small farms with sustainable eco-friendly practices, while exposing the dark underbelly of corporate cannabis production.

Frenchy Dreams of Small Farms!

Produced by famed cannabis activist and Frenchy’s widow, Kimberly Hooks, the documentary underscores the importance of supporting compliant boutique farms that are dedicated to cultivating sun-grown cannabis responsibly. Directed by Jack Remington, the documentary takes place over the past three years, during which time California’s cannabis industry experienced an influx of new taxes, stricter regulations, and systemic pressure from corporate influences on the small-scale farmer.  

A cautionary tale of corporate marijuana farming interest run amok during the infancy of legalization, Remington poignantly noted. “During filming, California’s cannabis industry experienced waves of change that negatively affected and threatened the livelihood of the small farmers Frenchy worked with. This maelstrom of bureaucracy and hypocrisy forms the context of the film in which Frenchy and the farmers fight for quality — and survival.” 

OGs support OGs

For decades, in solidarity with other industry founders, West Coast Cure has been hunting and hand-selecting the gassiest genetics while supporting and fostering relationships with CA’s small-scale farmers, cultivators, and innovative hash masters – like the legendary, Frenchy Cannoli. West Coast Cure encourages you to celebrate the life, legacy, and passion of French Cannoli — while helping protect the small, local, and independent farmers.

It is through West Coast Cure’s support of the compliant-small scale farmer that WCC’s procurement team hand-selects the gassiest strains and award-winning concentrates for today’s connoisseur cannabis consumers. Our passion for the industry goes much deeper than just “dank weed.” Our culture, or ethos, demands our support for local farmers, cultivators, and wax artists. 

WCC has had the privilege of building strong relationships with passionate cannabis cultivators like the legendary Frenchy Cannoli, who dedicated his life to mastering the art of hash making. Because industry experts like Frenchy freely shared their knowledge and love of the plant over the years, our community continues to experience and enjoy some of the terpiest concentrates available on the market today. 

Celebrate, learn, and support the passions of Frenchy Cannoli!

Located at 235 Charles E Young Dr. E, Los Angeles, CA 90095, on the campus of UCLA, the doors will open to the public at 1:30 pm and the film will begin at 2:20 pm. After the 90 min viewing, there will be an open forum Q&A with Kimberly Hooks, Frenchy’s long-time partner, and Leo Bell — both of whom are featured in the film and witnessed the fast-paced transformation within California’s cannabis industry. 
Tickets are currently available online at Purple Pass, and 20 percent of all proceeds will be donated to the Origins Council. A nonprofit advocacy association that assists more than 900 licensed small and independent cannabis businesses in six legacy-producing counties throughout California, the Origins Council supports CA’s legacy cultivators to survive during a time of corporate consolidation.