Why Solventless Gummies?

At West Coast Cure, we know there’s plenty out there to get you high. But craft cannabis that truly captures the pure, molecular goodness of the plant? That’s a rarer experience, and one we aim to provide as a legacy brand. 

We’ve found that the best way to capture the plant’s essence for today’s market is through the ancient tradition of hash-making. Rosin and hash are solventless concentrates that bring the plants of our valued legacy farmers to life in a vibrant, accessible, and versatile way. The singular experience of ice water hash should be available to everyone, so we’ve crafted an edible that delivers it—with a tasty, tangy twist. 

Introducing our Flavored Solventless Gummies, an incredibly dank addition to our hash-heavy lineup. 

Made from live ice water hash from farming partners in the Emerald Triangle, these gummies not only pay homage to the art of rosin but deliver the full spectrum of sensations you get from dabbing or vaping solventless concentrates.

Ready to experience what hash lovers crave in a convenient, tasty, edible form? Here’s the full rundown on West Coast Cure’s Flavored Solventless Gummies.

What’s the Difference?

So what’s the difference between a rosin gummy and other THC gummies on the market today? And what are the benefits of solventless edibles?

While there’s no shortage of THC distillate or even live resin edibles out there to get the job done, it’s handcrafted solventless hash that offers the full spectrum cannabis high. A genuine full-spectrum product reflects the unique ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes from its source plant. Our live ice water hash preserves the distinct, collective power of the plant’s natural cannabinoid and terpene output in an unadulterated form. 

Here’s what that means for your high: 

Ever had a low-dose edible that got you there but left you with that dizzy, “blah” sort of feeling? You may have had a cheaply made product with THC distillate. Anyone who smokes weed knows that each plant provides a unique sensory experience based on its cannabinoid and terpene profile. It’s the difference between listening to a song through your phone speaker and piping it through your Beats for the whole sound. When we make hash, our goal is always to capture the molecular goodness of the plant exactly as it was at harvest. Live rosin gummies are a rare breed but no less capable of delivering the consistent potency of a THC gummy, all while containing the multidimensional experience mother nature intended. 

More and more veteran tokers and enthusiastic newcomers alike are on the lookout for smoke-free, on-the-go options. As stewards of the plant and cannabis community, we’re here to meet that demand with a keen eye on a clean, whole-plant high. If you’ve been nervous about edibles or had a negative experience with distillate-infused edibles in the past, reaching for our Flavored Solventless Gummies may improve your groove next time around.

We always approach the cannabis plant with the utmost care, respect, and love. We follow the words of the late hash master Frenchy Cannoli in all that we do: “Everything starts with the land, the farmer, and the genetics. I’m nobody without my farmer.” Similar to the Live Rosin Diamonds, Fresh Press, and Cold Cure Badder, our Solventless Gummies are another example of us highlighting the hard work of our farming partners. We work only with full-term, whole plants from award-winning Emerald Triangle Farms. As a result, our all-natural, high fructose corn syrup-free, vegan-friendly gummies feel like the same plant from which the hash was extracted — made by hash lovers for hash lovers.

How are Solventless Gummies Made?

In case it wasn’t already clear, you don’t get a fire hash gummy without fire starting material. And we start with some of the freshest, most vibrant strains our Emerald Triangle farm partners have to offer. We harvest these buds under the gaze of the Harvest Moon and freeze them immediately upon harvest, locking in all the terpenes and flavonoids that would otherwise evaporate. The frozen material is then subject to the hash washing process of mixing and churning in ice water to release the plant’s trichome heads from the rest of the plant material.

We want to ensure you get the unique, multidimensional effects of each harvested plant in these gummies, so we put our hash through a careful in-house decarboxylation process. Decarboxylation is how we activate the noticeable effects of the plant, methodically applying heat so cannabinoids can interact with the body’s cannabis receptors. And when we decarb,low and slow” is the name of the game. Since most terpenes have lower boiling points compared to cannabinoids, we implement a proprietary, 16 – 24-hour decarboxylation process under moderate heat to activate all those groovy cannabinoids without burning off volatile terpenes that add vital dimensions to the overall experience.

Once our food grade hash has sufficiently decarboxylated, we use it to formulate dominance-specific gummies, meaning ice water hash batches are selected based on effect dominance (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid), then carefully paired with all-natural flavors for optimal vibes. For instance, we formulate our Strawberry Banana Gummies with Sativa-leaning hash batches to boost both the physically relaxing and mentally exhilarating effects of the source plant, while batches used for the Blueberry gummy offer a more Indica-leaning full-body high. Also in the Flavored Solventless lineup: Watermelon, Peach Mango, and Cloudberry varieties—each containing 10mg THC per gummy, formulated to bring the best dimensions out of each batch.

Treat Yourself, Feel the Difference.

At West Coast Cure, we love craft cannabis. In a rapidly growing and ever evolving industry, we seize every opportunity to be good stewards of the plant that makes it all possible. Our Flavored Solventless Gummies preserve the clean, holistic, full-spectrum experience of the plant—one that THC distillate gummies may not deliver. So try one (or all!) of our Solventless Gummy flavors and let us know what you think. We’re excited to continue exploring the world of solventless cannabis and providing our customers with the best products possible.