13 Spooky Strains for Halloween

Scary Good Weed What are the best strains for Halloween? Spooky season is finally here—a celebrated time in the world of weed to get down with the spirits, vibe with the harvest moon, and embrace all things eerie and ethereal. Canna enthusiasts have always had an affinity for the spooky, the mysterious, the groovy uncanniness 13 Spooky Strains for Halloween

What is Full Melt Hash?

Full melt hash is the crème de la crème of extracts. As terp chasers, we at West Coast Cure are here to bring you fire weed and fire weed only, in all its viable forms. And we do this through the ancient, holistic art of hash-making. When we add a new product to our lineup, What is Full Melt Hash?

THC Cartridges: The CURE for Carts

What are THC Cartridges? THC cartridges are a staple of the modern weed world, casting a wide net for both veteran stoners and casual consumers. They offer greater discretion and a fast-acting, potent high when smoking or equipment-heavy dabbing isn’t tolerated, and thanks to advances in hash-making, can still deliver the unfettered, full-spectrum experience of THC Cartridges: The CURE for Carts

What is the Best Temperature to Dab?

For real heads and hip newcomers alike, dabbing represents the ultimate high. Every mode of consumption offers a unique, worthwhile shade of the cannabis experience (as long as it’s a quality product, of course), but nothing hits quite like dropping a silky dab of premium extract in your rig at the perfect dab temperature, molecular What is the Best Temperature to Dab?

Why THCa Diamonds?

Pure, potent, and unmistakably gorgeous. THCa diamonds are a marvel of modern hashmaking—an extraordinary feast for the eyes with a heady treat inside, waiting to be unlocked. Diamonds offer the promise of pure THC that’s sure to boost potency when added to any cannabis concoction. But how does non-psychoactive THCa deliver a powerhouse helping of Why THCa Diamonds?

Why Decarboxylation?

Ever wonder why you don’t get high from eating raw cannabis? It’s because the cannabinoids that bring the buzz haven’t been turned on yet. Decarboxylation is the on-switch for these cannabinoids — the process of applying heat to cannabis over time to activate its compounds for the desired effect. Knowing the ins and outs of Why Decarboxylation?

Why Solventless Gummies?

At West Coast Cure, we know there’s plenty out there to get you high. But craft cannabis that truly captures the pure, molecular goodness of the plant? That’s a rarer experience, and one we aim to provide as a legacy brand.  We’ve found that the best way to capture the plant’s essence for today’s market Why Solventless Gummies?