The 6 Best Stoner Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day means a lot of different things to a lot of different folks. Whether you’re doting on your S.O., taking a casual fling to the next level, or practicing radical self-care, this is a holiday about relationships. A good Valentine’s gift should celebrate the precious moments that make a relationship worth having. And there’s no better way to show you care than by giving the gift of weed.

As a cannabis legacy brand, our love affair with the plant has been in full bloom for a minute now. We’re intimately familiar with the connective power of weed, and we know it can enhance all kinds of relationships and shared moments, especially when you’ve got a top-shelf full spectrum product. At its best, cannabis will open new pathways to deeper, more emotional connections with everyone and everything around you, opening up your heart and immersing it in the joy of the now. Pair that experience with your secret crush, new plus-one, or ride-or-die, and the results can be out of this world.

No matter what you’ve got going on this Valentine’s, we’ve got the experience to suit the occasion. Here are the six best stoner gifts for Valentine’s Day, courtesy of West Coast Cure.

Disposable CUREpen for Your Situationship

Celebrating something more casual this Valentine’s Day? Match the easy breezy discretion of your situationship with some premium THC oil on the go.

The Disposable CUREpen offers the same potent, terpy rush you get from our 510 CUREpen carts, with a ceramic-core atomizer and rechargeable battery that’s good to go when you and your plus-one are ready to lighten the mood. For many users, vape pens deliver a high that’s not only discreetly attained but slow-rolling and even-keeled—matching the tenor of even the most casual flings. Still unsure whether your situationship is headed somewhere serious or staying on the back burner? No worries, a Disposable CUREpen will keep things chill and fun… for now.

CUREjoints to Keep the Spark Alive

Spark a CUREjoint and inspire some QT with your special cutie. Available in a variety of California’s dankest strains, the CUREjoint is rolled with top-shelf flower for a well-rounded high and flavorful smoking experience, tailor-made to strengthen your deepest bonds. 

The 1-gram CUREjoint is perfectly fitted in a custom tube to preserve the bud and lock in the flavor for you and your special person. Cap off a romantic night and enjoy a CUREjoint together or save for another one-on-one occasion. Either way, it’ll stay fresh. 

Curating a whole 420-friendly day for you and your stoney someone this February 14th? Fuel your special day with some gassy goodness, or go with the strain that sparks a riveting mealtime conversation. Not sure what strain to get? Try our Variety Pack that brings 3 different strains together in unique combinations of flavor and experience. 

Maybe you and your partner are in a comfortable spot, just looking to add a subtle spark to your Valentine’s Day. Our 0.35g mini joints are perfect for starting the evening off on the right foot or keeping things nice and easy at the end of the night. Light one up, sit back with your partner, and enjoy a smooth, smoky ride down the green tunnel of love.

Jeffery Infused Joint When You Want to Spice it Up

Out for some good old fashioned excitement this Valentine’s? Look no further than WCC’s latest, the Jefferey. Trust us when we say this guy smacks! An infused joint crafted with whole nug flower, Live Resin Diamonds, and top-shelf kief, Jefferey is a 0.65g powerhouse of full-spectrum product. And it’s subtly enhanced with all-natural terpenes, deliciously strong for a next-level couple’s sesh or more, uh, open romantic scenarios. Whether you’re a couple, throuple, or single ‘n ready to mingle, Jefferey is the j to help you embrace your wilder side.

A Side Piece Cure by WCC Mini Messenger Bag for Your Side Piece

Show appreciation for that special someone on the side with a discreet yet stylish accessory. The Side Piece Mini Messenger from our Cure by WCC merch line comes in black and fiery red to match the heat of any forbidden fling. A durable nylon shell, magnetic button pocket closure, and four total stash spots in the bag make this Mini Messenger a perfect gift for the toker in your life who’s always on the move. We could all use a reliable, fashionable receptacle for our on-the-go stash. Show your secret love that you’re still savoring the journey with a Side Piece Mini Messenger.

Live Rosin Diamonds for Your Ride or Die

The process of creating our Live Rosin Diamonds is a slow and careful one. And the end result is a meticulously crafted product fit for your fiercest ride or die.

A state-of-the-art rendition of classic hash, Live Rosin Diamonds preserve the full flavor and effects of the plant through a two-part process. First, we put rosin through a methodical period of low heat and pressure to create beautiful THCa diamonds. Then we combine the diamonds with a rich, solventless terp sauce from the same rosin to create a pure, potent, delicious extract sure to impress your closest confidant. 

What we love most about this solventless craft concentrate is that it really showcases all the work that went into it, from the farmer’s curation of top-shelf bud to the careful separation and reunion of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes. Capturing the pure, unfiltered essence of the plant is no small task, and you can feel and taste the difference in every dab of our Live Rosin Diamonds. Offer them up to your ride-or-die this Valentine’s Day as a token of your commitment to quality weed and enduring relationships.

Top-Shelf Flower for the Single Stoner

For many of us, Valentine’s Day can be a harsh reminder of our single status. But it can also be a chance to treat yourself and celebrate the good things that life offers everyone. If you ask us, there’s no better way to show self-love than by digging into your stash.

Our Top Shelf Flower is too good to share anyways. It’s the personal stuff – the kind of private reserve you cherish when the old “rainy day” finally rolls around. Our Top Shelf line includes the frosty, sugary Cosmic Cookies, the zesty, lazy Garlic Juice, and the pungent, heady Guava Juice and more—all mouthwatering strains fit for the most special occasions, even when you’re flying solo. Whether you’re taking some quality “me time” or getting together with other single friends this Valentine’s, break out WCC’s Top Shelf eighths for a dank, radical hit of self-care.

Give the gift of weed this Valentine’s Day

Those who know and love cannabis love how it brings out the spice in life. When you pair the right product with the right person, this miracle plant can be an incredible relationship enhancer. A shared 1-gram joint can help bring the spark back to a long-term union just as a quality disposable vape pen can accentuate the fun side of a new, exciting romance. Good weed connects people on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. No matter where you’re at with that special stoner in your life, West Coast Cure has a product to match your speed and help you spread the love.