Meet Jefferey: An Infused Joint that Smacks

Ever roll a joint and sprinkle some fresh kief in there? How about a little of your favorite sauce or some crushed THCa diamonds? Bet the high was killer and the flavors were gravy (provided you used nothing but the good shit, of course). Well, that’s the experience that folks have been clamoring for since infused pre-rolls took the market by storm.

But do previously available products live up to all the hype?

The pros of a well-crafted infused pre-roll should be obvious: a tasty, smokable, high-potency mixture of craft cannabis you can easily spark and enjoy. Unfortunately, not all infused joints are crafted with the TLC they deserve, resulting in a mad rush of sub-par products in the market.

Whether you’re a first-time consumer or a seasoned OG, West Coast Cure wants you to get the absolute most out of every toke (no matter what you’re toking on). 

That’s where Jefferey comes in.

You know Jefferey—the coolest bloke on the block, the ultimate plus-one, bringing a bit of this and a bit of that to every occasion. And West Coast Cure is proud to carry an infused joint that lives up to our guy’s name. Crafted with whole nug flower, Live Resin Diamonds, high-end kief, and a subtle infusion of all-natural terpenes, Jefferey is a potent toke for any advanced consumer ready for a full-melt body sensation and a blissful head space.

What is An Infused Joint?

An infused joint is essentially any joint with another form of cannabis added to the flower. Most infused pre-rolls on the market today are rolled with kief, bubble hash, wax, THCa diamonds, or terpenes — usually in a combination of two, three, or more of these products in a single joint.

Many infused pre-rolls in today’s market are also coated with a layer of kief on the outside. The outer kief coating has arguably become the visual signature of infused joints in a relatively short time. But an outer kief coating doesn’t necessarily translate to better quality or higher potency. More on that further down. 

Why Reach for An Infused Pre-Roll?

The intention behind an infused pre-roll is (or at least should be) to boost potency, enhance flavor, and provide a well-rounded connoisseur’s experience in a widely accessible, ready-to-smoke package. West Coast Cure opted to infuse Jefferey with THCa diamonds as it converts to pure, active THC when lit, giving you the smack WCC is known for in all our products.

But just how potent is the average infused joint in the market today? Depending on the quality and ratio of kief, hash, wax or diamonds to flower, infused pre-rolls can test anywhere from 25-40+% THC. However, true OGs know that THC percentage should not be the only thing you look for when considering an infused joint (or any cannabis product really). A well-crafted infused pre-roll should offer an incredible bouquet of flavors and sensations from the cannabis ingredients inside it, all contributing to the rich, whole-plant experience mother nature intended.

Why Smoke a Jefferey?

So far we’ve given you a pretty good idea of what an infused joint should be; a careful, compact union of cannabis flower with top-shelf kief, concentrate, diamonds, or a combination of all three. A connoisseur’s j that’s easy to spark and enjoy. 

But what should be isn’t necessarily what is

Infused pre-rolls have seen a meteoric rise in market demand in the last few years, which makes it all the more unfortunate that so many of them out there today are rushed products, often filled with gnarly old shake or trim (sometimes mixed), haphazardly doused in distillate or terpenes. At West Coast Cure, we handle the cannabis plant with care, respect, and love. And we’re launching Jefferey to meet market demand with an infused pre-roll joint that showcases weed at its absolute best, brightest, and dankest. 

So how do you build an infused joint that breaks with the mold and sets a higher standard for consumers? You start by making sure everything you put in the joint is formulated and added with a purpose. For Jefferey, we start with our premium whole-nug flower, grinding it in house so we know the input material in our joints will meet West Coast Cure’s high standards. Carefully mixed with high-quality crushed THCa diamonds and kief from our top-shelf indoor line, and finished off with a dash of all-natural terpenes, Jefferey offers a truly superior experience you won’t find in other infused pre-rolls currently available.

Jefferey is a .65g joint currently available in six expertly crafted, canna-friendly flavors: Banana Smoothie, Blueberry Cobbler, Mango Haze, OG Kush, Orange Cookies, and Strawberry Cream (with more flavors on the way). We craft these flavors with precise infusions of all-natural terpenes, just enough to bring out a delicious, discernable flavor without overpowering the terpenes already present in each whole-plant ingredient. Terpenes should only be added to a joint to enhance the overall experience, not to cover up bunk plant material. Jefferey is no exception in this regard. 

Lastly, as a brand whose claim to fame is award-winning concentrates, we believe in “fire in, fire out” wholeheartedly. Because ingredients matter, West Coast Cure opted not to coat the outside of Jefferey. We believe the outer coating of kief or concentrates doesn’t add much to the experience outside the visual hype. Furthermore, we did not want the weight of an outer coating to mess with the synergy of all that good stuff working together inside. Whether infused or not, it’s the inside of a joint that matters.

As a legacy brand, West Coast Cure takes its position seriously. We’re not in the business of chasing fads, and we always develop new products with clear intention and devotion to craft. Quality ingredients, a precise terpene ratio, and thorough, honest testing ensure every Jefferey is fit for even the most discerning consumer. For us, it’s an opportunity to present everything we love about cannabis in a reliable little buddy that’s ready to burn whenever you are.

Why smoke a Jefferey? Cuz it smacks!