13 Spooky Strains for Halloween

Scary Good Weed

What are the best strains for Halloween?

Spooky season is finally here—a celebrated time in the world of weed to get down with the spirits, vibe with the harvest moon, and embrace all things eerie and ethereal. Canna enthusiasts have always had an affinity for the spooky, the mysterious, the groovy uncanniness of life and the beyond. What better way to celebrate than with a devilishly curated selection of cannabis strains, live rosin dabs, and carts that capture the essence of All Hallow’s Eve. 

Quality Reigns at West Coast Cure. Our devotion to the plant extends to every occasion and every shade of the cannabis experience. From the best of the dankest Indoor crypt, our top shelf buds are harvested by our partners at peak maturation, carefully curated to preserve all those mysterious terpenes and flavors. So light up your jack-o’-lantern, spark your j’s, and join us as we kick the season off with 13 Spooky Strains to keep close by this Halloween.

Scary Good Weed: Flower

Jokerz Gelato

Step right up and get ready to shriek with delight. Introducing the enigmatic Jokerz Gelato. A diabolical, indica-dominant fusion of White Runtz x Jet Fuel Gelato gave birth to this wicked masterpiece from the mad scientists at Compound Genetics. 

You’ll be spellbound by shimmering frosted buds with dastardly hues of olive green and deep purple. Earthy Kush flavors do a jester’s dance with sweet, seductive, fruity notes. Take a toke and go to a place where the lines between tricks and treats blur. But beware: make Jokerz Gelato your sesh circle’s potion of choice and the room may erupt with silly, stoney laughter.

Don’t Fear the Reefer: Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is a hyperactive Sativa-leaning flower born from the unholy union of Subcools Jack’s Cleaner and Space Queen. An embodiment of vigor and peak creativity, Jack is destined to make a real mark on your Halloween festivities.

Stand-out conical flowers adorn a resinous trichome layer, calling all tokers to delve deeper into the unknown. Unmask Jack the Ripper and you’ll be party to a zesty citrus aroma with sharp pine notes. Spicy, earthy flavors linger with each puff like an eerie mist over the streets of London. 

Candy Apple

From the unholy union of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies comes Candy Apple — a sweet, Sativa-leaning marvel offering a flavor as sweet and tart as its Halloween treat namesake. 

Close in on Candy Apple’s large, dense buds and you’ll be greeted by a candy carnival aroma with notes of zesty lemon and a hint of diesel. Effects are equally invigorating for the body and mind — a comfortable, focused high that inspires creativity and mental clarity. 

Vampire’s Beware: Garlic Juice

Step out of the shadows and under the cover of Garlic Juice, an Indica-heavy bud forged by the alchemists at Oni Seed CO. Its flavor smacks of GMO’s zesty garlic and cloves and finishes with the sweet fruity notes of its Papaya parent. 

Garlic Juice’s effects wrap you in a protective shroud of tranquility. Inhale the essence of Garlic Juice, and let the world’s chaos dissipate as you slip into a foggy sanctuary safe from the lurking shadows.

Lights Out OG

Nightfall got you down? Fear not, Lights Out OG is here to alleviate the daily stressors haunting your mind. This Indica-leaning weed is a cross of Triangle Kush, Chem 91, and Birthday Cake—a heavyweight collection of genetics to guide you through the darkest shadows. 

Lights Out’s oversized nugs are like a dark forest with flashing neon green hues, fostering a pungent zest of earthy pine and spicy fruit. This Indica-heavy bud also delivers a powerful embrace of heady terpenes and trichomes that’s sure to soothe your worries and help you drift off to sleep, even in the darkest of hours.

Midnight Snack

As the spooky holiday season goes on and the nights carry more ghostly whispers, there’s no better way to embrace the shadows than with Midnight Snack — a delectable Indica-dominant blend of Ice Cream Cake and Gushers strains. This cannabis confection is a devilish delight for the senses, each puff igniting an olfactory seance of vanilla, ripe berries, and earthy notes. 

As you savor this Halloween dessert, you’ll likely feel swift, deep relaxation, making for a tranquil dance of the senses tailor-made for the witching hour. Keep Midnight Snack on hand for a Halloween treat that promises to make your night magical.

Sugar Coated

Sugar Coated is a balanced hybrid flower born from the mystical union of Dosidos and Triangle Kush. This plant’s densely packed buds offer a sweet aromatic surprise, accented by notes of fresh herb and exotic spice. And the flavors are just as sweet with each toke, igniting a delicious combo of citrus and gas with an earthy exhale that hits like a secret whisper of autumn leaves. 

Whether you’re seeking adventure, mental clarity, or a straightforward sweet escape, Sugar Coated is the cannabis treat to snag from the barrel.

Venom OG

Venom OG is the very embodiment of Halloween—mysterious, powerful, and full of wonder. An Indica-leaning bud from the dark and potent union of Poison OG and Rare Dankness #1, this dense, forest-green nug emits a heady aroma of earthy skunk and lemon pine with a strong diesel kicker. Each stoney puff from Venom OG pierces the mind with emotional clarity and elevated thoughts, a perfect accent to Halloween’s gleeful, eerie vibes.  

Bruce Banner 

Unleash the power of Bruce Banner—a powerhouse Halloween treat with a super chill twist. Born of the fearless cross strains of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, this hulking flower boasts a dense bud structure with iconic green and purple hues. 

But don’t worry: this green isn’t the least bit mean despite its namesake. Expect a sweet, gassy aroma with a citrus twist, followed by stoney, tranquil effects for both body and mind. Show up at your next October smoke sesh with Bruce Banner and you’ll be the hero of relaxing times.

Scary Good Weed: Vape Cartridges

Durban Poison Live Resin Cart

Treat yourself to a spooky twist on a stoney trip with West Coast Cure’s Durban Poison Live Resin Vape Cartridge. Its earthy and spicy aroma is perfect for conjuring up ghostly tales or decorating with your buds. This provides an energized boost to navigate the eerie night with an elevated mood. 

Made from fresh, frozen flower, live resin preserves more of Durban Poison’s tasty terpenes and flavonoids for a vivid journey through dynamic flavors and effects. No matter what your Halloween celebrations look like, the Durban Poison Live Resin Cart is a clean, convenient potion for a haunting good time.

Ghost Train Haze Live Resin Cart

Another clean, convenient elixir for your canna-friendly, on-the-go Halloween activities. The Ghost Train Haze Live Resin Cart promises a hazy, citrusy, floral experience with an enveloping rush of THC, awakening the senses and igniting wonder for all things natural. 

Crafted from whole plant, full-spectrum live resin, this 1-gram cartridge promotes an increased enthusiasm for the day — fresh eyes with which to embrace the world and all its enchanting apparitions. Whether exploring haunted woods, gazing at the stars, or simply finding joy in the rustling leaves, you’ll want to jump aboard the Ghost Train Haze to get there.

Scary Good Weed: Concentrates

Jealousy Live Resin Badder

Looking to infuse your Halloween celebrations with a little raw desire? Our Jealousy Live Resin Badder is a bewitching concoction with a gassy aroma and a flavor, blending earthy graveyard notes with a forbidden funk.

Jealousy takes you to a euphoric realm of creative thoughts and feelings, sure to spark intrigue and affection in your closest spooky season companions. Our Live Resin Badder is whipped to perfection, creating a uniform matrix between the terpenes and THC-rich crystalline for a consistency that’s clean and easy to dab with any rig. And this Halloween, it’s your dark elixir for indulgence and enchantment.

Temptation Live Resin Badder

Extracted from an Indica-leaning cross of Ice Cream Cake and Jealousy, West Coast Cure’s Temptation Live Resin Badder yields an enticing bouquet of gassy berry and tropical fruit flavors, followed by a seductive earthy exhale. It’s an exceptionally dank spooky season extract that promises to elevate your senses and add intrigue to your festivities. Savor its bewitching flavors, surrender to its seductive effects, and experience the magic only a dab of Temptation offers.