What is Full Melt Hash?

Full melt hash is the crème de la crème of extracts. As terp chasers, we at West Coast Cure are here to bring you fire weed and fire weed only, in all its viable forms. And we do this through the ancient, holistic art of hash-making. When we add a new product to our lineup, you can rest assured it’s a fine-tuned manifestation of the cannabis plant’s dankest properties. The whole plant — carefully condensed and beautifully expressed in every dab, toke, or bite.

Our live ice water hash (made by freezing the trichome glands off with ice water) preserves the distinct, aromatic power of the plant’s natural terpenes and the sweet sensations of its full cannabinoid profile in an unadulterated form. With hash and other solventless concentrates, the goal is always to remove the bud’s resin glands, packed with all those cannabinoids and terpenes, mechanically rather than chemically. And when you do that, you’re honoring the land, the farmer, and the genetics that brought the plant to life.

As stewards of the plant and cannabis community, we want you to recognize high quality when you see it, whether you’re looking for the cleanest dab or the most holistic weed gummy on the market. Our Cultivar Specific Solventless Gummies are the latest West Coast Cure product to deliver the full spectrum of flavors and sensations of a solventless dab, powered by a “best of batch” full melt hash.

So what is full melt hash? How is it different from other forms of ice water hash, and what makes it an invaluable resource for formulating our cultivar specific gummies and concentrates? Find out in our helpful guide below.

What is Full Melt?

Ice water hash is collected by mixing plant material with ice to freeze off the resin glands, then sifting the mixture through mesh bags of varying micron screen sizes (kief, essentially a dry, decompressed hash, is typically collected through similar means: agitating dry trichomes through a mesh sieve or sifting screen). Larger micron sizes capture the entire trichome gland, including its stalk, but with bigger micron sizes, you get an increase in contaminating plant material. Smaller micron sizes tend to remove the top trichome gland without the stalk and significantly decrease the amount of plant material pulled in.

A full melt is an ice water hash of the highest purity, also known as bubble hash. It’s a high concentration of oil and little to no concentration of plant material, which means it’ll bubble up when you dab it rather than burn residual plant matter you get with a lower-grade hash. Nothing but the original cultivar’s pure, molecular goodness.

The Six Star Rating System

Ice hash is measured on a scale of one to six — from food grade to full melt — based on how well it melts under a flame. It’s the most common grading system among hash makers, accounting for the many variables that arise if measured purely by micron sizes. 

Here’s how the six-star rating system is typically broken down:

Food Grade Hash: 1-2 Star

True to its name, food grade or cooking grade hash is most commonly used to make edibles. Typically sifted through the broadest range of micron sizes, food grade hash doesn’t melt well enough to be suitable for dabbing.

Our Flavored Solventless Gummies are made from food grade live ice water hash from farming partners in the Emerald Triangle. These gummies not only pay homage to the art of rosin but deliver the full spectrum of sensations you get from dabbing or vaping solventless concentrates.

Half Melt: 3-4 Star

Half melt is also very much true to its name. It melts about “halfway” when dabbed, leaving a modest amount of plant residue in its wake. Half melt is typically better for vaping than is food grade, and it’s equally appropriate for sprinkling over a bowl or joint. Half melt is also pure enough in oil concentration to heat and press into a finer rosin. 

Full Melt: 5-6 Star

Full melt is the highest possible grade and the purest end of the ice hash spectrum. But can you dab it as easily as fine-pressed rosin? Absolutely, especially if you’re able to achieve a pure six-star melt. The goal of any solventless rosin should be to retain as much of the plant’s molecular profile as possible. A proper six-star full melt will have already achieved that retention on its own, fit for the most discerning of dabbing connoisseurs.

How We Use Full Melt Hash

At West Coast Cure, we seize every opportunity to be good stewards of the plant at the center of our rapidly growing and ever evolving industry. Using full melt hash as the basis for new products is how we ground every WCC experience in the plant’s holistic heady goodness.

So how do we achieve a full melt, and how do we make sure the full melt experience translates to other forms? We start with live, fresh frozen plant material taken from the finest whole plants our Emerald Triangle farm partners have to offer. Starting with fresh frozen flower instead of dried and cured bud is how we preserve more of the plant’s tasty terpenes and flavonoids for a full spectrum of effects and flavors.

Once we’ve got our fresh frozen material, we subject it to the hash washing process—mixing and churning ice water to release the plant’s trichome heads from the rest of the plant material. Then we collect a “best of batch” full melt hash using 70-149 micron pulls, achieving a greater terpene profile and fuller, dab-ready flavor. 

Full Melt Concentrate Jars

Our “best of batch” full melt is pressed under expertly controlled conditions to form our Fresh Press Rosin, a terpene-rich product that’s ready to punch you with pure flavor and aroma when heated at the right temperature. We also whip our award-winning Live Rosin Fresh Press and set it to cure under controlled temperatures until it reaches a badder like consistency. The resulting Cold Cure Badder locks in the whole plant’s cannabinoid and terpene profile and extends the product’s shelf life. As we’ve clarified earlier, full melt hash comes ready to dab as is, but the refined textures of our Fresh Press and Cold Cure Badder make our full melt even easier to dab with virtually any smoking apparatus.

Cultivar Specific Hash Gummies

At West Coast Cure, we want the full melt experience available in every product type out there, especially edibles. That’s why we’re using our full melt hash to craft small batch Cultivar Specific Gummies. First, we put our full melt hash through a slow, careful, in-house decarboxylation process. Decarboxylation is how we activate the noticeable effects of the plant, methodically applying heat so cannabinoids can interact with the body’s cannabis receptors. Then we formulate it into Cultivar Specific Gummies, allowing you to taste the terps and feel the heady effects of the source plant like you would in a super chill dab, only in convenient edible form.

Feel the Full Melt Difference

Cannabis products that truly capture each source plant’s unique, multidimensional effects can be frustratingly few and far between. West Coast Cure is out to change that by example. For us, exploring the world of solventless cannabis and harnessing the power of full melt hash is how we meet that goal. The plant deserves the full melt treatment, and so do you.