THC Cartridges: The CURE for Carts

What are THC Cartridges?

THC cartridges are a staple of the modern weed world, casting a wide net for both veteran stoners and casual consumers. They offer greater discretion and a fast-acting, potent high when smoking or equipment-heavy dabbing isn’t tolerated, and thanks to advances in hash-making, can still deliver the unfettered, full-spectrum experience of the plant in a convenient form. 

But even for the real heads, knowing what to buy and where to turn for consistency remains a challenge. What is a weed pen vs THC cartridges? Should I get a Rosin or Live Resin vape? What’s the difference between this company’s THC pods and that company’s disposable pens? Which differences should I even care about as a consumer?

At West Coast Cure, we believe every product line should showcase quality, cleanliness, and dank flavors, whether it’s a live resin pen or a disposable THC cartridge. And we want every type of cannabis consumer to have a connoisseur’s option. At every price point. Vape technology’s rapid evolution doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, so we stay up to date on the latest and greatest vape tech, carefully fine-tuning our hardware along the way, wherever necessary. 

Fire in Fire Out. That’s our north star, the golden rule for our extraction process, and it applies to all of our vape products. The whole plant — carefully condensed and beautifully expressed in every hit. And that’s why we’re dishing out a complete guide to West Coast Cure Vapes: how the industry got here, where we’re headed as a modern hash house, and how to use our hardware to get the absolute most out of every cartridge of WCC goodness.

Our THC Cartridges

Vape pens, weed pens, hash oil pens, and THC cartridges—when you hear these terms, you’re usually hearing a generic catch-all term for the same thing. In the broadest sense, vape pens or weed pens are vaporizers that heat cannabis concentrate into a vapor for inhalation. Most vape pens consist of a cartridge or pod container for the cannabis oil, an atomizer or heating element, a battery that powers the atomizer, and a mouthpiece for inhaling the vapor. 

Though folks have been using herbal vapors in some form or another going back to ancient civilization, the modern vape device has seen a rapid evolution in the last decade or so. Vape pens, THC cartridges, and proprietary pods come in an ever-growing variety of shapes and sizes, utilizing different types of atomizers to heat different concentrates. So how’s a consumer supposed to know what to reach for? 

When in the market for a vape pen, you can always bring it down to two questions: what’s in the cartridge, and what’s heating it when you pull? 


Let’s start with the first question: What’s in the cart? Most of today’s vape cartridges contain one of three types of concentrate: THC distillate, live resin, or, thanks to more recent advances in vape tech, solventless rosin. Many cartridges on the market are filled with THC distillate, sometimes augmented with strain-specific, cannabis-derived terpenes for flavor.

With West Coast Cure’s premium THC CUREpens, you get a high-quality THC vape experience at an affordable price. Each vape cartridge is filled with premium THC oil, enhanced with botanical, all-natural terpenes to create distinctive flavor profiles sure to please even the most discerning cannabis palette.

To get our CUREpen’s just right, we implement a meticulous refinement process through extraction, carefully separating cannabinoids with high heat, precisely applied. And we don’t use unnecessary fillers in our cartridges, ensuring only pure cannabinoids and terpenes are present in every toke.


Made from pure, solventless ice water hash, West Coast Cure Rosin Cartridges are a strain-specific line of cannabis rosin available in 510-threaded carts, delivering the award-winning, solventless hash experience of our rosin jars in a convenient vape form. We mechanically separate the full spectrum concentrate in our Rosin Carts from fresh frozen flower grown by award winning farms in Northern California. The end result is a heady dab of pure cannabis hash in a quick, flavorful toke.

Live Resin

Today, live resin is the most popular (and often dankest) solvent-free concentrate. Made from fresh, frozen flower instead of dried and cured bud, live resin preserves more of the plant’s tasty terpenes and flavonoids for a full spectrum of effects and flavors.
Our Live Resin carts are a prime example of high-quality butane hash oil, carefully extracted from fresh flower and loaded with all the hazy, tasty compounds that the real heads crave. We combine our Live Resin Sauce, comprised of 100% cannabis-dervied terpenes, with a High Terpene Extract (HTE). After subjecting our Live Resin Sugar to a fine-tuned regimen of heat and pressure, the HTE separates from the THC crystalline. Adding the HTE back into the Live Resin Sauce elevates the flavor and aroma of the source plant and delivers the whole-plant high. All that heady nuance in a convenient cart form

Ensuring Freshness: Do Weed Carts Expire?

Weed carts generally have a shelf life of six months to a year, influenced by storage conditions, type of oil, cartridge quality, and other environmental factors. Proper storage can slow down degradation, but consuming your cart within a reasonable timeframe is the best way to enjoy its full potency and flavor.

Our Hardware: Meet the CUREpen 

At West Coast Cure, hardware selection is guided by a deep understanding of terpene preservation and how it shapes the user experience. It’s also guided by convenience and practicality, which is why all of our vape carts are 510-threaded and compatible with any 510 thread battery. But that doesn’t mean any old battery will do. The typical plastic tank and cotton wick heating element may be a bit more durable, but the consumption experience they facilitate is often subpar. For our CUREpen and CUREpen Pro Batteries, we use ceramic and stainless steel components to preserve our product’s integrity, flavor, and potency.

Whether you are looking for richer terpene flavors or a more intense effect and thicker clouds, you can easily experiment, personalize your experience, and optimize your flavors with hardware that meets the nuance of each Rosin, Live Resin and THC cartridges. Temperature control is even more crucial in getting the most out of your rosin. Our CUREpen Pro battery offers in-depth heat customization through variable voltage settings—great for achieving lower vape temperatures, preserving delicate terpenes, and unlocking the entire dab-like experience in every Rosin cart. 

CUREpen Disposables

The Disposable CUREpen is the epitome of convenience—offering the same premium ceramic atomizer core of the CUREpen battery and industry-best THC cartridge in one, on-the-go package. These disposable pens come with a Micro USB port for easy recharging so you can enjoy without worry. Blinking indicator lights confirm connection, signal the charging progress, and alert you when your battery’s low. The auto draw feature ensures smooth inhalation, and a careful design prevents oil overheating during long pulls.

All of our batteries, including the Disposable CUREpen, are rechargeable, making them more eco-friendly and cost-effective over time.

CUREpen and CUREpen Pro: Choosing the Best Voltage Range

So what’s the difference between the CUREpen and the CUREpen Pro? 

Specifically designed to enhance your vaping experience, the CUREpen Pro battery offers a lower voltage range, which is particularly advantageous when using Rosin and Live Resin cartridges. At West Coast Cure, we believe that vaping should be a personalized journey. For those seeking intense flavor, lower voltage settings are recommended. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for dense clouds, higher voltage settings are preferable. Our CUREpen Pro Battery comes equipped with a versatile voltage range, ranging from 2.2V to 3.8V, offering you the flexibility to customize your hits precisely to your liking. 

What’s the Best Range for Me?

Determining the ideal voltage range for your vaping sessions depends on your preferences and the nuances of the product in your cart. When in doubt, we suggest starting with lower voltage settings and gradually increasing until you find the temperature that ignites your dankest dreams.

How to Use our Vape Pens

Using West Coast Cure batteries is a straightforward process. To activate or deactivate the battery:

  1. Press the circular power button five times in quick succession. The button will blink three times to indicate successful activation or deactivation.
  2. Adjust your voltage. Just turn the screw control located at the bottom of the battery. 
  3. If you haven’t already, secure your cart to the battery. 
  4. Press and hold the power button while inhaling. The battery automatically turns off after inhaling continuously for 10 seconds. 
  5. When necessary, charge the battery. The power button will blink 15 times to signify a low battery and prompt a recharge. Screw the supplied charger into the battery, then connect the USB end to a compatible power source. The indicator light will flash three times, signaling that the battery is charging.
  6. Once fully charged, the indicator light will glow green. A 4-time indicator light flash will alert you if there’s a connection issue.

Tips for Vape Hardware Care

Ensuring the longevity and performance of your vape hardware requires proper care, especially when the materials are high quality and therefore a bit more delicate (like West Coast Cure carts and batteries). Storage plays a pivotal role – keep your cartridges away from direct sunlight, heat, damp environments, and extreme temperatures. Avoid leaving carts attached to batteries for extended periods, and never leave them in your car on a hot day. These precautions help maintain the quality of the oil and the performance of your hardware.

More Tips for Prolonging Cart Life

  • Store your cart in a cool, dark environment
  • But not too cool! Don’t keep it in the freezer
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
  • Avoid carrying around in your pocket for too long
  • Don’t store it someplace damp or frequently moist like a sauna, bathroom, or greenhouse
  • Don’t leave it out unused or leave it attached to the battery for an extended time
  • If the vapor tastes bitter or sour, it’s probably time to throw away your cart

Fire In, Fire Out

Cannabis products that truly capture each source plant’s unique, multidimensional effects can be frustratingly few and far between. West Coast Cure is out to change that by example, and one of the ways we do that is by making the best and most accessible vape carts on the market. We take our responsibility as stewards of the plant seriously, and we always put forth the time and effort to capture the best of the farmer’s work in every ounce of product—from infused pre-rolls to THC vapes. With us, it’s Fire in Fire Out. Every time. 

So try a CUREpen. We know you’ll taste and feel the difference with every hit.